100 Years

TRANSFORM FOR YOURSELF - “Every individual has to perform his duty. Man is mortal, but his work is not. Therefore, work is greater than wealth
100 Years
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Planning and Scores

112:30:0013:30:00Welcome & Customer Registration – Thank you for waiting---
213:30:0013:40:00Briefing & Warming-up -Kindly proceed to your appointment---
313:40:0013:50:00Bloody Branch000
414:00:0014:10:00D-Tech Maze000
514:20:0014:30:00You are not covered!000
614:40:0014:50:00Caller Maze000
715:00:0015:10:00Al Daman Pharmacy000
815:20:0015:30:00Authorization Torture Cycle000
915:40:0015:50:00Pain Reimbursement000
1016:00:0016:10:00Docu Game Zone000
1116:20:0016:30:00Silence of the App000
1216:40:0016:50:00Search Box000
1317:00:0018:00:00A special word from our CEO & Awards---
1418:00:0019:00:00As our Valued Customer you are kindly invited to the Daman BBQ Dinner and Dance---
1519:00:0019:05:00Journey completed. Thank you for your confidence in Daman---
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