Space Troopers

We need coverage in space :)
Space Troopers
No presentation yet. We're working on it.

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Daman Health

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Planning and Scores

112:30:0013:30:00 Customer Registration – Thank you for waiting---
213:30:0013:40:00Briefing & Warming-up ---
313:50:0014:00:00Search Box000
414:10:0014:20:00Al Daman Pharmacy000
D4 : Spare Team 3000
D19 : Space Troopers000
E5 : The Dragons000
E12 : Wessaya000
514:30:0014:40:00Bloody Branch000
614:50:0015:00:00Authorization Torture Cycle000
715:10:0015:20:00D-Tech Maze000
815:30:0015:40:00Pain Reimbursement000
915:50:0016:00:00You are not covered!000
1016:10:0016:20:00Docu Game Zone000
1116:30:0016:40:00Caller Maze000
1216:50:0017:00:00Silence of the App000
1317:00:0018:00:00A special word from our CEO & Awards---
1418:00:0019:00:00 BBQ Dinner and Dance---
1519:00:0019:05:00Journey completed.---
Extra Points (Brain Labour, Preparations, Challenges)0
Final result0